Let cool for 5 minutes, fluff with fork and serve. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Breakfast hot cereal has never been this delicious--a rice and quinoa combo is cooked in almond milk and served with a lemony maple syrup and almond milk blend and fresh blueberries. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/255061/sprouted-quinoa-savory-pilaf Nutritious and Easy to Prepare ©2019 TruRoots, LLC. Unearth a new cherished, quick meal. Super healthy and delicious, packed with living nutrients! Versatile, convenient, and quick, truRoots Organic Sprouted Bean Trio is ready in 15 minutes. Our organic sprouted and unsprouted grains, beans, and seeds or ancient grain pastas are delicious additions to your table. The lentils are boiled for five minutes, then left to hydrate for a few more minutes off the heat. Sprouted quinoa cooked in butter and chicken broth is seasoned with a bit of thyme, fine sea salt, and fresh parsley for an easy and delicious side dish. Note: Quinoa is cooked when each grain is translucent and white germ is clearly visible. See our top-rated recipes for TruRoots Hearty Italian Sprouted Bean Trio Soup. Founded in 2009, truRoots is passionate about offering the best organic food while doing its part to bring families together for healthy and memorable meals. Eggs and cream mixed with broccoli florets, cooked quinoa, and Cheddar cheese and baked in muffins cups make a perfect brunch offering. Quick Cook Roasted Garlic Quinoa & Brown Rice Blend, Quick Cook Olive Oil & Sea Salt Quinoa, Brown Rice, & Lentil Blend, Quick Cook Spanish Style Quinoa, Brown Rice, & Red Bean Blend, Quick Cook Vegetable Medley Quinoa & Brown Rice Blend, Organic Sprouted Quinoa & Ancient Grain Blend, Blueberry Lemon Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Cereal, Banana Nut Rice and Quinoa Breakfast Cereal, Quinoa Casserole with Tomatoes and Black Beans, Mung Bean And Sweet Potato Sliders With Avocado Cumin Cream, Lentil and Apple Salad with Maple Vinaigrette, Curried Chickpea and Sprouted Lentil Soup. Try it in salads, grain dishes, burritos, casseroles, stuffings or your favorite bean dish. Just let go. See more ideas about Recipes, Food, Healthy recipes. When you’re entertaining or out and about, … Browse recipes provided by our brand partner, truRoots®. See more ideas about Recipes, Easy food to make, Recipe details. Sprouted mung beans, sprouted green lentils and sprouted adzuki beans bring eclectic flavor to multiple meals. Enter this new ingredient I discovered a few months ago: TruRoots makes a shelf-stable, dehydrated version of sprouted lentils. Cheesy Mini Pepper Poppers with Sprouted Rice, Blueberry Lemon Sprouted Rice and Quinoa Cereal. At truRoots, we believe in truly knowing the food you bring to the table. With its robust flavor, the blend is delicious whether served as a side dish, used as the base of a main dish, or worked into a recipe. But don't be afraid to experiment - this versatile grain can be added to countless recipes. 2000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. There’s a reason people have been eating ancient grains, beans, and seeds for centuries. Penne pasta is tossed with basil pesto, mozzarella pearls, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and black olives for a colorful and delicious pasta salad. Don’t worry. Organic brown rice is topped with black beans, salsa, shredded cheese, and avocado slices for a quick and hearty lunch. The recipes in True Roots seem to sway more to spring/summer menu items while True Comfort is fall/winter. The TruRoots kitchen is always innovating with our ingredients. Easy, delicious and healthy TruRoots Hearty Italian Sprouted Bean Trio Soup recipe from SparkRecipes. Let go of how you … Sweet mini pepper halves are filled with a savory blend of sprouted rice, Italian sausage, marinara sauce, and shredded cheese for pretty and delicious appetizer bites. Kristin makes GF recipes accessible and familiar. Loaded with fresh fruit and fruit spread, these whole grain and chia seed parfaits with creamy Greek yogurt make delicious snacks or desserts. For an on-the-go breakfast or after-school snack this orange and banana smoothie with chia seeds can't be beat. Cooked sprouted green lentils bring extra flavor and texture to this spicy guacamole with jalapeno peppers and fresh lime juice. Out of the bag, they take only 10 minutes to prepare, whereas raw, unsprouted green lentils can take up to an hour. We used TruRoots Sprouted Lentil Trio in this recipe which combines three types of lentils, giving anything you make with it a nice and variable texture. Topped with quick pickled beets! Try this easy, tasty & organic Buffalo Avocado Quinoa Bowl recipe: The TruRoots® Quick Cook Grains of your choice, avocado, red onion, tomatoes, carrots and blue cheese crumbles, all topped with Buffalo Ranch dressing. These vegetarian Sloppy Joes are loaded with flavor and ready to serve in no time. truRoots Organic Quinoa (whole grain) is considered a "super food". Organic Quinoa is gluten-free, has a mildly nutty flavor, high in protein and has a low glycemic index. The distinct texture and flavor of quinoa makes it a suitable alternative to rice in recipes. This versitile grain can be used in hot or cold recipes alike and is quick and easy to prepare. TruRoots Organic Quick Cook Quinoa, Brown Rice and Lentil Blend,Olive Oil and Sea Salt, 8.5 Ounces (Pack of 8) Recipe & photo courtesy of @katy_ashadeofteal. Our Favorite Lentil Recipes Lentils … Try this combination with rice, barley and other side dishes or consider wrapping it in a tortilla with salsa and avocado. Today, truRoots is proud to help you stock your pantry with a wide variety of certified USDA organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and gluten-free options. This TruRoots Quick Cook blend brings together quinoa, brown rice, and a tasty assortment of favorite garden vegetables--including carrots, peas, corn, onions, and celery.

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