My girl, Daisy, is the oldest and I've had her the longest, got her before my husband and I met so I would say she's the most attached to me/spoiled. Over the years as I’ve said goodbye to my pugs, I’ve come back to this article to help me get through the heart wrenching pain of saying good-bye…. Thanks again for the post. Why buy any other? I love him to pieces. There are about 8 different possible causes for this so it is complicated, many dogs get it, and the vets really just didn’t know what caused it. About 10 minutes in this guy starts yelling that it’s time for me to leave. It truly assisted me. Due to finances I had to go thru this with her and let nature take its course. It’s been an agonizingly slow process, but I was determined from the start to let him go naturally, unless he was in some kind of excruciating pain, which mercifully, he has not been. I will update as I know. Don’t dismiss the idea that the cat can sense illness in you. ( Log Out /  He has poo and pee accidents. I hope she forgives me. On one hand I want to just hold her and pet her but I really get the feeling this is only making her try to hang on. My sister tells me ” its time to put him to sleep” . She’s been with me since I was 12 years old, we have grown up together! posted by thomas j wise at 7:12 PM on October 16, 2015 He is more frisky with me and my other dog Pudge who is aso a male Pug. Stimulus, Stimulus, stimulus. This moment is so bitter/ sweet because as a mom the most living thing I can do is put him out of his pain but at the same time I want this last 30 hours I have to last forever. Bless your heart for writing this – I can imagine how difficult it was. Believe me I know what you mean, my dog has gotten better since I moved in with a lady that has 4 other dogs. I don”t mind carrying her up and down 3 or 4 times a day. I am telling cha cha she can let go of her body but still stay with me. Tough stuff to read. She brought almost 20yrs of joy to your family, and we to her. Even most apartments that say they take dogs only take them up to 20lbs. He's just also very very territorial because he's protective of me. Someone had to hold me. Today, she’s been throwing up, and peed in the house! My dog, Roxie, has been strangely getting more clingy than usual. My dog started limping so I took him to an emergency vet? That’s when I knew something wasn’t right.. Me and my sis paused for like awhile. I know it is hard, but always remember that it was part of her journey. My heart breaks when I have to go to work. When I’m not feeling well, he will not leave my side. Your Bed is Too Soft. She has never done this before. My world swirls around me when I think of the decisions upon me this coming week. The complete circle. She was still very much awake and aware. So very personal and special, thank you for sharing. Just in time to help me understand & cope with the signs of my tiny Chi cross who is nearing end of her life. I don’t know what to do….please advice me. It was because she had hip dysplasia and she needed a massage, not that she wanted one. This is the last week I will have with my Lucky Girl. I owe it to her. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I found this finished champion after six months of searching, and had opportunity to buy her when she was retired at 2 yrs. You’ve shown how difficult that is but also how loving it can be when you let your special one tell you how to let go. He also was there to comfort us when we unexpectedly lost our 10yo dachshund. As I wait patiently for my beautiful miniature Eskimo to say goodbye, I want you to know how reading these wonderful stories of love, heartfelt dedication and never ending devotion from your readers about their furbabies continue to help me stay strong! Prissy is almost 3 years old and i can barely take it. God Bless you. Me and my partner have split up. Last night they both had to sleep with me which they never do lol cats are smart! Leave her be, she’ll go when she goes. One night she seemed to have some twitching while sleeping, afterward, she never really was fully consious. 10. I have a 15 year old rescue pit bull “Kiyah”. She would gaze out, watch the Boyz play ball, look at birds, and then rest a bit. He was such a good dog. Greg your words are beautiful and heartfelt, ❤. The signs that a dog is dying are not always consistent. 5. Fido is going to test your patience while you’re trying to get them to do something they don’t want to do. I just wish I could stop hurting every time I think of her. I miss her each day, it just comes up in different ways. constantly. Love and prayers. I should have sat with her more but I kept blubbing and didn’t want to share that energy with her so I had to leave for 10 minutes and come back again. Here is my advice: Our dog Reti was 9,5 years old and passed away at home. I’m very depressed. She would lift her head a bit, and then find a comfortable position again. For me, with Franny and Ocean, I was there with them until the end, the very end, to be part of their remaining life, and be with them as they entered death. I am so sorry. I just hope she wasn’t in any pain. She would whine to complain and bark to yell at me. I feel so guilty that she was lying on her bed by herself in her last hours of her life even though I was beside her in my bed.. You have a gift in your ability to so eloquently express the big picture in a beautifully moving, guiding and spiritual way. Nancy’s article and the other experiences shared here help me get through. He's now lay next to me and won't budge from my side lol xx 203093 Thank you! He wasn’t completely alone, his then 11 year old fur-brother, Hunter (yellow lab) was always curling up next to him. And some ppl said i should just put Amika to sleep because she has trouble getting up. Her personal scent was always sweet and intoxicating. WHO has guidelines. I’ll be needing to find options on where I can leave my dog. Bless you and your departed friends. When it began to rain my husband stood over us with an umbrella. behind me on the sofa cushion.) She’s very much in the hospice stage of her life, and my mother chooses to let nature take it’s course instead of putting the dog down because of multiple health issues. Now he has like a whooping cough that doesn’t go away. I need to make little posters speaking of the dangers of it too- and put it on their cars. Thanks for sharing. I am so thankful for you all sharing what you have been through. So as Charlie comes to the end of his circle I need to ensure that he doesn’t suffer & that he can go with some of that play still in his heart…even if it’s not evident on the outside anymore…I want him to carry this with him on his journey. We have a final vet appointment on payday March 1. I can’t thank you all enough ☺️. The night before he died is very different there was like something in my mind and heart that told me to not to sleep and be beside him. We gave her some space and this helped. He’s gone. My vet called the next day and she agreed I did the right thing. Your post has given me strength and comfort. I love my furry boy so much. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who has lost/is losing a furry member of their families. I had my sweet, subborn dog for 13 years this year. Her last day was not good. Thank you for this. It was a tough and traumatic period nursing a dying dog for months like that but I feel I have learned a lot and am a better person for it. Pics/videos of me walking them, running around in the back yard and just overall interacting with them. I could not have expressed my feelings for them better than you did. She loves to hear my voice. My 13 1/2 year old lab is actively dying and we don’t expect him to make it even another week. I am committed to caring for her until her death unless her symptoms can’t be managed at home. The grief has my mind suspended in an animated state, remembering the 7 years of love and life we shared. He would bark for his special treats when he came in the house. thank you enormously. She has been the perfect addition to our family, grew up with our girls and has even met 2 grandchildren. Sometimes she had stomach pains after eating due to the pancreatitis and would kick her legs in pain for a while while we comforted her. He does not like to lay flat and he just seems to be staring into space. Can’t keep herself up with her legs collapsing under her. This is for those that want to know what it was like for us, for either their own knowledge, or to share with those that might need it. She has many issues but she is sleeping, but she just lie there. I am answering this in honor of my dog Bella, who taught me what a dog does when it is about to die. My little Nickie dog is actively dying at 14. At about 9a I we were still lying in bed and I decided to read. He's moved out. But she was in no pain, loved being with us and we didn’t feel right, it wasn’t her time and we wanted her to go on her own, naturally. It is not for others to judge you, because it is about the final parting words, the last chapter, the last good bye between you and your dog. You all do wonderful work. On Dec 29, she had several bouts of vomiting and then refused food and water. He also said that she was very old, and I needed to start thinking about deciding what to do with her. Still smiling, eating, hobbling outside to potty. Change ).

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