You can also include an exercise wheel in the cage that many but not all hedgehogs will utilize it. Relevance. Instead, kindly and respectfully point out the problem to the owner or manager and try to educate the person or store about proper hedgehog care. If we relied on local customers we would have been out of business many years ago. Answer Save. with time and patence hedgehogs become VERY tame . In addition, they can be quite tricky to breed! It may be well worth going out of your way to select a hedgie that is right for you. Thank you, Rene Wang Photography, for the hedgehog photo featured above! It’s unlikely that the hedgehogs you find from this source are breeders or that they know the hedgehog’s history. To find a hedgehog up for adoption, head on over to Pet Finder and type “Hedgehog” into the breed area, along with your location. We hope that you enjoy the information found on this site. According to the USDA, if a hedgehog breeder has three or more non-spayed females hedgehogs, they must obtain a license in order to legally breed and sell hedgehogs. No, our hedgehogs in the UK certainly do not make good pets. Also, keep in mind that hedgehogs are illegal to breed and own in select states (Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and New York City, Washington, DC, and Fairfax County, VA.). Leave out foods like tinned dog or cat food (not fish-based) and crushed dog or cat biscuits. Buying a hedgehog can be a slightly confusing process because of the numerous places that have them for sale! Where Can You Buy Hedgehogs? It is possible to find great strawberries at your local super-store. Dogs can be a problem for hedgehogs. Food and fresh water will encourage hedgehogs to return. This is done by foraging, inspecting surroundings, making new burrows, and encountering new smells & objects. Copyright 2007-2009 Millermeade Farm's Critter Connection. Exercise does not necessarily mean running on a wheel only. Many people have their first introductions to hedgehogs through a pet store. You should be provided accurate information on how to properly care for and maintain your new pet. They Like to Play‘I’m Out of Here’ As a defense mechanism, hedgehogs roll their bodies into tight little balls when threatened, causing their spines to point outward so that predators are unable to see their faces or limbs. Ready around the week... by kjennings1981 - Wilmington, North Carolina - - a month ago Lesser Hedgehog Tenrecs - $500. How to Buy a Hedgehog Online 1. I hesitate to label pet stores as “bad” without visiting the store and talking to the owner. Pet hedgehogs are becoming more and more popular around the world. ! They are often deep-fried, making them filled with bad fats and can contain dangerous items like acidic veggies and seasonings. Hedgehogs can be found in limited pet stores, through brokers at flea markets or animal sales, or they can be purchased directly from breeders When buying animals, I recommend that you check out the source. Junk foods are bad to us, but they can do severe harm to little creatures like hedgehogs. Despite this, there are still a lot of questions and misinformation still floating around. Home interior specialists at have created a new brainteaser Some hedgehogs have a streamlined appearance, but their skin should not be loose and they should be filled out below the ribs. Females can breed as early as 8 weeks but should not be bred until they are much older. Mansfield, Nottinghamshire . thay get along with other pets mine loves my dog and follows him around he just walks off and wants it to go lol. Some things to keep in mind when considering purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store: Purchasing hedgehogs from hedgehog breeders is the safest option, as breeders are often very knowledgeable and caring for through the process. As a warning, do not buy cedar-based beddings since it’s toxic to hedgehogs. Hedgehogs also need activities, and enrichment. You can have a multilevel cage but make sure all ramps are solid and that the levels are not high up. Information may not be copied without expressed written consent. 10 available boys and girls. In every other state this is impossible because of overly strict legislation. Handling a nervous hedgehog can be tricky for an owner, and you may need to hold your friend in a small towel until he relaxes. It is best to select a hedgehog that is between 6-12 weeks old. I firmly believe it may be well worth your time and energy to travel so that you might have a good buying experience, rather than to buy from a less suitable breeder or dealer simply because they are closer. The average pet hedgehog is much more expensive than the average pet guinea pig, hamster or rabbit. All hedgehogs should be easy to handle at the time of purchase. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the sale of exotic animals. Prices vary but start out at 250.00 and go up to 350.00 depending on color of the baby. At a quick glance, reputable and backyard breeders may look fairly similar. Here at Heavenly Hedgies, we suggest that if you do find a baby or adult hedgehog on Craigslist (or similar), that you look elsewhere! All pet stores selling hedgehogs and all breeders who have three or more females are required to be USDA licensed. However, there are a few ways you can tell them apart: Backyard breeders won’t let you see the hedgehogs’ living conditions, while reputable breeders make conditions well-known. Aside from protecting hedgehogs on Bonfire Night, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to support the hedgehog population througho Hedgehogs are wild animals, and belong just there, in the wild. Another option is to keep a look out for postings for hedgehogs in your area on Craigslist. A good breeder or retailer will spend a considerable amount of time educating their customer about these requirements. Each hedgehog will have its own personality, and it is best to choose the hedgehog that is similar to what you are looking for in at pet. Hedgehogs can live up to 10 years when properly cared for. Again, those costs must be passed on in the price of the animal. The hedgehog should not click, jump, or pop because that means it is trying to defend itself and it is trying to threaten you. Many people have commented to us “there must be a good market for hedgehog babies because there aren’t many around”. Young hedgehogs usually adapt to a new environment more easily than older animals. There are a few things to keep in mind when adopting a hedgehog from an owner. On the other hand, states such as Pennsylvania do not allow importing a hedgehog. However, not all breeders are reputable, so make sure to do some research and ask each breeder the questions from our “Questions to Ask Hedgehog Breeders” page. 9 years ago. 200$ a piece Regardless of color or sex. If you’re ready to open your heart and home to a companion animal, open-admission shelters are the first and best place to look. In many cases, the hedgehogs sold at pet stores may not have been breed and raised in quality conditions, which can lead to health issues and a lower life expectancy. There aren’t many around because the market for them isn’t good. Make sure that the hedgehog does not have a terminal disease or any serious issues. With enough time and money you would be able to get the right permits and licenses to create a private zoo facade in QLD/NSW, which in all reality is just so you can get a hedgehog. Finding a hedgehog up for adoption is going to be the most difficult way to find a hedgehog, but if you aren’t in a rush and would like to wait to rescue a hedgehog, you may also be able to save some time and money by purchasing the hedgehog’s crate and supplies from the current owner. Some instances of neglect are not from intent but from lack of information. You should be able to physically examine your hedgehog to ensure good health. 15 Things That Pose a Threat To Hedgehogs… Keep Them Away! Should the situation not improve it may be necessary to notify the proper authorities. Other hedgehogs are plumper but they should not be so fat that they cannot easily roll into a ball. Remember, you should only buy a hedgehog from a reputable breeder, not a backyard breeder. You pay me through Facebook or PayPal. Purchasing hedgehogs directly from breeders can be a bit more expensive than purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store. Older animals may still make good pets with extra precautions. Then when you factor in the price of care and any other equipment you need to buy they get even more lost. Dogs can be a problem for hedgehogs. All financial transactions are secure and kept private. At first glance, many of these sources may seem the same. This would enable you to import nearly any animal you desire. do not need a lot of time out of the cage just toys and a wheel the more eventive you are the happyer thay are . All material on this site is for personal use only. Various Baby Turtles At Urban Exotics October 2020 . They aren’t as easy to breed as many people think. In case you still want to give junk food to them, home cook them in a better way. You cannot buy hedgehogs in South … Can YOU spot six hedgehogs among the leaves? I like to set up their play area different every time they are put in it. Sadly, too many people jump in with both feet, … Adopting a hedgehog can be a great way to rescue a hedgehog from an owner who is no longer able to take care of their hedgehog, or an owner who’s pet hedgehog has accidentally had a litter of baby hedgehogs. Favourite answer. Some international species of hedgehogs have however, been domesticated so that they can be sold as pets in the UK. Many pet stores will not be able to offer you the level of knowledge, personal care, and expertise that a breeder can offer you, which may be especially helpful if you’re going to be a first-time pet hedgehog owner. What is the reason the owner is selling the hedgehog? Backyard … What else can you do to support hedgehogs at home? Breeders must educate themselves for success and they must be able to educate their customers. If it says "On Hold" by it, that means that someone has reserved it, and it isn't for sale unless they back out. You can literally find and buy anything on Craigslist – and that includes buying an adult or baby hedgie. Baby hedgehogs available Male and female Friendly Collection only Please do your research if you ve never owned one of these exotic pets, they are indoor pets... . You can import a hedgehog into the US but only in a few states. Very few breeders or retailers are well to raise animals at a loss and so their expenses are reflected in the price of the animal. I will not label all breeders as “good” simply because they are a breeder. The stock person may not be as knowledgeable as other vendors as to how they were produced, the quality, or other information. Key Differences. I encourage NOT buying an animal either from a breeder or a pet store as a “rescue” to remove it from terrible conditions. You can use another large sterile container, a kiddie pool, an outdoor play pen or an indoor play pen. Where you can buy a hedgehog in South Australia? 4 Answers. You must get in touch with the USDA and find out if you can import one in your state. Lv 5. The person you are buying from should know the age and background of the hedgehogs. If there are neighbours with such dogs this should be considered, as hedgehogs are likely to travel around your area, not just your garden. Now, let’s take a look at the differences between purchasing a hedgehog from a pet store, a hedgehog breeder, and finding a hedgehog from a current owner to adopt, so that you can make the best decision for you on where to buy a hedgehog: Just as when buying a dog from a pet store, you should extremely cautious and try to find out if the pet store owner is getting the hedgehogs from a reputable source.

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