Tama Aernova includes in its range of products many solutions that aims to reduce the damaging effects caused by different industrial processes. Italy also argued that the high levels of smog are mostly limited to the Po Valley, a heavily industrialized and populated plain that includes cities such as Vicenza, Verona, Parma, Milan and Bologna, the heart of Italy’s economy. Based on experimental evidence, further supported by modelling tools, here we demonstrate and quantify the impact of air masses transported from the Po Valley, a European atmospheric pollution hotspot, to the northwestern Alps. The Po Valley in northern Italy represents a significant nonattainment area for PM, NO2 and O3 air quality limit values. The European Space Agency (ESA) uses the Sentinel-5P satellite to continuously monitor pollution in the atmosphere. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. The climate of the Po Valley becomes increasingly warmer and more humid farther south and east. S6b) and thus leading to effective aerosol transport to the Aosta Valley. The Alps mountain range lies to the north, constraining this pollution in the valley, making the WHO guideline levels difficult to attain. Maps Europe Sentinel-5P Brings Air Pollution Into Focus The Water In The Venice Canals Goes Crystal Clear After Satellite Images Show Extent Of Air Pollution Worldwide. Always prone to fog, the valley is subject to heavy smog due to industrial atmospheric emissions, especially from Turin. The Po has ... Pollution. Pollution in the Po Valley: the most unhealthy air in Europe According to the report about air quality in 2018 by the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen (EEA), in Europe 3.9 million people live in areas where the limits of the pollutants in the air are constantly exceeded. Close the chart and the Chart Properties pane. There are other critical processes in the industry and handcraft sector and emitted pollutant are many (solvents, acidic mists, metal dust...). 2012). Po Valley in Italy is one of the most polluted areas in Europe. The Po Valley has a range from humid continental climate to humid subtropical (Köppen: Cfa), or continental temperate (cool-humid with fog in winter and warm-moist in summer) climate in other classification. Environmental disaster warning as oil spill reaches the Po, Italy's biggest river . You may have simple coughing problems or something as serious as lung cancer, but you can also suffer with problems such as strokes and heart attacks. Based on experimental evidence, further supported by modelling tools, here we demonstrate and quantify the impact of air masses transported from the Po Valley, a European atmospheric pollution hotspot, to the northwestern Alps. Transport of Po Valley aerosol pollution to the northwestern Alps – Part 2: Long-term impact on air quality Henri Diémoz1, Gian Paolo Gobbi2, Tiziana Magri1, Giordano Pession1, Sara Pittavino1, Ivan K. F. Tombolato1, Monica Campanelli2, and Francesca Barnaba2 1ARPA Valle d’Aosta, Saint-Christophe, Italy The conformation of the plain, surrounded by the Alps and the Apennines, and the influence of the Adriatic Sea cause high levels of relative humidity throughout the year. The WHO estimates that in 2016 600.000 children died due to respiratory infections caused by venoms in the air and also in this case, Italy distinguished itself negatively, with 98% of the children exposed to too high levels of particulates. Air pollution and SARS-CoV-2 in the Po Valley: possible environmental persistence? Horizontal cartridge dust collectors - Plug&Play, Kompac Air And Pulco Air Cylindrical Filters, Downdraft table for plasma & thermal cutting, Downdraft shuttle table with pallet changer. Aerial view of the smog and fog that covers the Po Valley in Italy. Mountainous regions are often considered pristine environments; however they can be affected by pollutants emitted in more populated and industrialised areas, transported by regional winds. 1. Souvent utilisé comme synonyme de « plaine padane » ou « basse plaine ». PLOS ONE, 19 November 2020 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0233425 Image crédits : SanGasso. The city of Milan had no sewage treatment plant(s). New data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite reveal the decline of air pollution, specifically nitrogen dioxide concentrations, over Italy. Especially because of the critical situation in the Po Valley, Italy is at the first place in Europe as regards the number of deaths caused by nitrogen dioxide (20.500 victims) and ozone (3.200) and at second place (after Germany) as regards deaths due to Pm2.5 pollutant (60.600). No need to register, buy now! In the industrial field, emissions are highly supervised and because of this, industries have to equip with filtration systems that change according to pollutant type. We design and manufacture filter units, components and systems for air purification. Sylvain Parasie est professeur de sociologie à Sciences Po. Download Image Image detail for Po Valley Pollution : Title: Po Valley Pollution Date: October 17, 2018 Size: 266kB Resolution: 638px x 638px More Galleries of Maps Europe. The area covers the northern Italian regions and several urban agglomerates such as Milan, Turin, Venice and Bologna. Set against the mountains, far from the ocean and cleansing sea breezes, Italy's major northern city and the Po Valley have always been at a disadvantage, climate wise. The main reasons why there's a big stain of air pollution over the Po valley are strictly connected to livestock and factories. These factors help to characterize the Po Valley’s peculiarity with respect to different European areas with comparable urban and industrial density levels (Eeftens et al. The Po Valley of northern Italy represents an important non attaining zone for PM, NO2 and O3. Le Pô, Bodinens en celte, Eridan en grec et Padus en latin, doù dérive l'adjectif de la pla… Pollution; Oil spills. CNC Machine Tools: How to filter process dusts? The reason: heavily pre-loaded lungs and the assumption that the virus uses particulate matter as a “means of transport”, which would mean more potential sources of infection in regions such as the Po Valley. The Po River, Italy’s longest river, runs approximately 650 kilometers (400 miles) from the southwestern Alps to the Adriatic Sea, passing indirectly through Milan, and through Turin. 2020 Aug;111(4):306-307. doi: 10.23736/S0026-4806.20.06586-6. In China, the incidence of COVID-19 was found to be significantly enhanced by PM 2.5, 22 while a correlation between ambient PM 2.5 and the mortality rate was also established. The Company owns and operates two gas treatment plants, with more gas and oil developments to come. and aerosol optical depth (AOD) values increase respectively up to factors of 3.5 and 4 in dates under the Po Valley influ- ence. The polluted air is effectively trapped by the high walls of the Alps (center through mid-right margin of the view) and Appenine Hills (left), which rise, amphitheater-like, around the valley. Normalien, agrégé de sciences économiques et sociales, il a été maître de conférences puis professeur à l’Université Paris Est/Marne-la-Vallée. There were probably few concentrations of Germanic settlers… Le rapport «Pollution de l'air et santé des enfants: prescrire de l'air pur», rédigé par l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) pour la première Conférence mondiale sur les polluants atmosphériques et la santé (novembre 2018), est clair et incontournable: 93% des enfants de moins de 15 ans. It is densely populated and heavily industrialised. The so-called "NPK fertilizers", made of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with manure emissions from intensive breeding and high levels of nitrogen dioxide released by diesel and petrol engines are all accountable for this disastrous air condition in Northern Italy. ESA shared an animation that showed a significant change in the pollution levels over Italy between January and March, particularly over Po Valley in the north. The ESA released satellite images showing clear drops in levels of nitrogen dioxide over the Po Valley area in northern Italy. Minerva Med. This is what pollution looks like on a European scale. Nature, 18 November 2020 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2902-8 Original publication of the partner study Z. Leni et al., Oxidative stress-induced inflammation in susceptible airways by anthropogenic aerosol. The Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite detected a decline in NO2 emissions signaling the decrease in air pollution, with the most significant change being observed in the north, the ESA said. In the past few weeks, the satellite imagery has shown a ‘significant decline’ in emissions over the Po Valley region in Northern Italy. According to a new report from the European Environment Agency (EEA), air pollution … La pollution diminue également fortement en Italie Les calculs de Burke se concentraient uniquement sur la Chine et ne comportent pas les dernières mises à jour de la situation. Abstract. A silent epidemic that is developing and that does not spare children. Beyond the indirect damages due to compromised resources and ecosystems, data highlight how particulate, tropospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide reduce life expectancy, cause or worse respiratory problems, facilitate cardiovascular issues and different types of cancer. But the Po valley is not alone: cities like Naples or Antwerp, countries like Poland, Hungary, and Serbia look just as bad as Northern Italy: As the Greenpeace article put it: “…the population in the Po Valley is more than others chronically exposed to high levels of air pollution … Bright white clouds cover much of the region, but over northern Italy, the “clouds” are different. is exposed to particulates levels higher than those expected by guide lines about air quality. Industrial processes that degrades air quality are those connected to combustion, responsible of different type of damaging emissions, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and Pm. … - The Po-valley located in northern Italy at the footstep of the Alps is characterized by a high density of anthropogenic emissions (inhab) and by the frequent occurrence of stagnant meteorological conditions.

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