Discover Victoria Hotel***
We have a beautiful, over 150-year tradition.

A the turn of the XX century and during the inter-war period the Victoria Hotel was the landmark of Włocławek. The contemporary Victoria aims at coming back to those years- to the times of her magnitude and finest hotel traditions. The roots of the present day Victoria Hotel date back to 1865, the time when one called Emil Lindeman applied to the city authorities for permission to erect a building that he had wanted to utilise as an inn. An archival advertisement from 1871 speaks of a “Premise (…) in the district of Włocławek known as the Warsaw Hotel” which consisted of a “brick bungalow along with a basement.” The “Victoria” emblem appeared on the hotel after an additional storeyed building was erected alongside the inn and provided with a stables. Marceli Zieniewcz, the subsequent owner, was the one who introduced these changes.

At the beginning of the XX century the hotel was capitally renovated and had seen its owner change a number of times: city archives mention such names as Jan and Aniela Łukaszewscy and then Julian Buliński, the latter being the initiator of providing Victoria with another storey and electricity. At the time, Victoria was already the most prominent hotel in the city, with its exquisite restaurant and ball room. Before the Second World War broke out the hotel was further expanded with a screening room.