Thread starter Fachie Motion; Start date Jun 11, 2009; Fachie Motion Member. But what is the difference? In recent years, a third type of limited slip differential has been introduced. A locking diff means just that, the wheels are locked together and turn the same even during turns causing a little chirp or slip on the inside tire. In this video we compare an Open Differential (Ford Ranger) to a Yukon DuraGrip limited slip differential (Chevy Silverado). When a limited slip diff senses that a wheel is spinning, it will automatically transmit more power to the wheel that has more traction. These are straight line type rears, that dont like to turn sharp. • Occasional banging/clunking of automatic lockers could give your grandma a heart attack Each does the same, but made for diff useage. Eaton Posi Limited Slip The Eaton Posi is an ideal way to gain traction in trucks that see mild, off-road use or need added traction due to performance enhancements. • Greatly enhances traction, Cons of a Locking Differential Without having a limited-slip or locking differential in an axle, you can lose forward motion when one wheel breaks traction and spins, leaving the other one (wheel) to sit idle. Differential Carrier Components First you have the… Carrier The carrier houses the spider-gears , side gears, and holds the ring gear. A limited-slip differential is one that limits the slip between the axleshafts (or wheels) when power is applied to the differential. posi- trac are used on drag strips both wheels are turning at the same time that is why you see them do wheelies at the drag races. Limited slip allows one wheel to spin fast than the other for better turning, but if it detects one wheel spinning much fast than the other it makes them both lock up and spin. Advantages of a Limited-Slip Differential Though these limited-slip diffs generally have better street characteristics than locking differentials, they do not completely lock both axles together, which can leave one wheel spinning and one wheel caught up if the situation is bad enough. • Tires won't "chirp" Join Date: Nov 2007; Posts: 11805; Share Tweet #10. A locker in the rear, whether automatic or selectable, will give you three drive wheels which can get you out of most situations. A limited-slip differential will prevent the tire with less traction from separately spinning. Banned. • Extremely durable And of course, a spool can be installed in place of all of them. Limited slips and lockers can be interchanged. Mona Prestenbach is from south Louisiana and started writing professionally in 2010. With carbon disc clutch packs, preloaded by a central spring assembly, the Eaton Posi delivers chatter-free transfer of power to both tires, while maintaining a mild, on-road handling characteristic. Hey everyone just was wondering what your guys take on putting either a posi or limited slip into my front dana 44 in my 79 ford f150. The limited-slip differential is similar to the positraction differential, but allows the wheel with traction to have only a limited amount of greater power than the wheel that is slipping. Traction control augments the limited slip rear axle at higher speeds. Limited Slip = Posi Traction. Differentials are located in the center of the front axle, center of the rear axle or, in some cases, both. A clutch-type limited slip is what you’ll find in most American muscle cars from the ’60s and ’70s along with other rear-wheel-drive cars. To help you have a better understanding about the basic function. Eaton produces an automatically-locking differential called a Detroit Locker that does an excellent job of enhancing traction, and it fully locks when power is applied-something that gives true all-wheel drive, but it isn't always welcomed by a driver in a turn or in icy road conditions. Comment. But which one (limited-slip or locker) is better for you? Auburn cone style limited slips are not rebuildable, and they do wear out. hope this helps. Power to the other wheel continues until equal control is returned to both tires. Umm...not an expert, but i think this is how each works... A posi will send power to the tire with the most traction, getting you unstuck in a mildly stuck situation. Rear end is stock original with 104 k on it I plan on going with a TA rear cover and 30 spline Moser Axles. June 18, 2011, 12:54 AM. A locker locks both sides all the time (or at the touch of a switch). Advantages of a Locking Differential This allows the tire to maintain power through the turn. The limited slip for the Dana 44 axle pictured here is no exception. Locker vs Spool vs Limited Slip Differential. Jun 11, 2009 #1 I am Still working on getting my car together. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. The helical worm gears keep torque flowing to the wheel with the most traction, should your 4x4 get into a sloppy mudhole. even what most call a locker arent ,ie gov-lock.really just a clutch type posi.if it has a friction clutch beside a spidergear ,its a posi/limited slip.truetrac also a posi/limited slip.has gears that work together to preload the side gears .but its NOT a locker.detroit locker is a mechanical locker.lockers the (side … Yes, a professional can setup a trac-loc to live under spirited use, but if you have any pretention toward wailing on that rear-end on the track, with slicks, might want to seriously look into Detroit locker. It also allows one wheel to turn at a different speed around turns. Basically, when you go to make a turn, the inner drive wheel is going to rotate slower than the outer drive wheel of the gear train. If you’re a drag racer looking for the best traction for the strip, you might want to consider the Detroit Locker as it will handle just about all the power you throw at it. • Bolt-in applications with zero axle, ring-and-pinion, or axleshaft modification Limited slip works better in a number of situations, there is a thread around here somewhere. They pull both wheels, but allow slippage around corners. Auburn limited slip or Auburn locker? Home > Products > Carrier by Type > Limited Slip 'Posi' > Toyota > Toyota 8" V6 > Toyota 8", 30 Spline, Eaton Truetrac Limited-Slip Differential (Uses 50mm Bearing) Alternative Views: Helical Limited-Slip Differential . © 2020 Four Wheeler | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. It's also stronger, lighter, and has no internal parts to service (and is technically not a differential). I was also going with an Eaton until I heard about this Truetrac. Originally posted by weedburner View Post. Posi Trac or Saf T Trac, or Traction Lock, or Trac Loc, or Sur Grip.....all just other names for limited-slip differentials. A Locker locks both wheels under hard acceleration and then unlocks them around turns. It's about this time that you're probably asking yourself, "Why wouldn't I completely lock both axles together full time with a spool or something?"

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